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About AssetPlex

AssetPlex Modaraba Management Limited (AMML), has the dual mandate/licenses for serving as a Modaraba Management Company (MMC) as well as to act as a Consultant to the Issue (CTI), under the authorization from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

As an MMC, the AMML is performing the role as an investment manager for its already listed Modaraba Al-Mali, while it is in the process of launching few more Modarabas, after necessary regulatory approval.

As a CTI, the Company is primarily engaged in providing financial advisory services for the equity capital mobilization and revival of such listed companies, which are placed on the defaulted counter of the stock exchange.

About AssetPlex
AMML's Capabilities

Assetplex Limited's Capabilities as an Investment Manager:

  • bulletManaging unique Islamic investment vehicles styled as Modarabas.
  • bulletProviding a clear and singular view to execute more informed investment activities.
  • bulletExpanding the availability of easy, efficient and empowering investment products.
  • bulletPromoting a diversified investment strategy for the benefit of the shareholders.

AssetPlex’s Financial Advisory Services

AssetPlex is only middle-market specialist company servicing private and public placement deal-origination opportunities involving potentially transformative enterprises. The Company specializes in early-stage deal identification and initial due diligence screening for the capital deployment opportunities.

AssetPlex’s team has a solid background in identifying and generating potential deal leads, while ensuring a higher conversion rate from deal-sourcing to deal-execution. The Company sponors have a broad network of contacts with business associations, industrial estates and financial markets, which enables them to keep a reday pipeline of potential deal/IPO-ready watchlist companies. Broadly, the AssetPlex’s USPs are as under:

  • bulletSpecializing in smarter deal sourcing and origination opportunities
  • bulletDeveloping unique transaction arrangements and capital mobilization plans
  • bulletProviding guidance for IPOs and M&A transactions
  • bulletAdvising on policy, regulatory, compliance and governance matters
AssetPlex’s Financial Advisory Services